To really, properly grow your eyelashes, you’ve got to really get to know them. Introduce yourself! Figure out what makes your lashes like that!

Here are a few things most people don’t know about lashes:

    1. Eyelashes are made up of water and keratin. Specifically 3% water and 97% keratin. You may recognise keratin from your hair, skin, and nails. Same stuff!
    2. You change eyelashes every 150 days. Over those 150 days, your eyelashes fall out and then grow again until they reach optimum length. Then they fall out and do it all over again.
    3. Only mammals grow eyelashes. Dogs, cats, you, your mom, a cow… you’ve all got eyelashes. And probably Koalas. Wait… are Koalas mammals? 🤔
    4. You’ve got 50% more upper lashes than lower lashes. People have approximately 200 on the upper lid and 100 on the lower lid. Weird!
    5. Little mites live at the base of your eyelashes. Eugh. Sorry. This is gross but true. They come out at night to *gag* eat cells. But even though they’re gross, you need them to keep your follicles from clogging. BUT if you don’t clean your lashes, they can over-populate, leading to all kinds of nasty infections.
    6. You can damage your eyelashes. This should come as no surprise, but if you don’t remove your mascara, you can damage your eyelashes. They also get damaged by the harsh glue from fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions. If you use them too often, you could be left with fragile, thinner, shorter lashes when they grow back in. And if you damage that hair follicle enough, it could stop producing hair altogether!
    7. Your eyelashes protect you from sunlight, dust, and sweat. But they’re also there to look super pretty. Keep them strong, long and lush with our vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free serum! 
    8. ForLash has ingredients that promote eyelash growth. Our formula helps your lashes stay healthy and strong, so that they keep growing back thicker, longer, and more voluminous than ever before.