How to Galentine's with Your Girls

How to Galentine's with Your Girls

7 ideas for G day with those who truly light up your life! 🎈

Valentine's Day is sweet, but guess what's even sweeter?


And ladies, it's that time of the year again!

Welcome to Galentine's Day—a full 24 hours devoted to honoring the friendships that light up our world. Whether you're single, taken, or somewhere in between, it is the perfect day to show your beautiful besties how much you love and appreciate them. 

Here are some fun ideas:

1. Celebrate Your Tribe

Take a moment to highlight each one of your gal pals! Whether it's a heartfelt note about their humor, a shout-out for their unwavering support, or a nod to their adventurous spirit, make the day special by recognizing and celebrating what makes each friend extraordinary.

2. Pamper Yourselves

What better way to celebrate your friendships than indulging in a little self-care together? Plan a spa day, hit the salon, or simply binge-watch your favorite shows while enjoying comfort food and foot soaks. Make it a shared pampering sesh!


Who doesn’t ❤️ a brow glow-up?

3. Galentine's Brunch

Brunch is practically a Galentine's Day institution! Round up your favorite ladies for a delicious brunch filled with laughter, good food, and maybe a mimosa or two. Share stories, relive the good times, and raise a toast to the phenomenal women in your life.

4. Gifts Galore

Express your love with curated presents! Whether it's a personalized card, a salon or spa voucher, a glow-up kit, or a unique piece of jewelry, the effort you put in will let your girls feel that warmth through your thoughtful tokens. 

Luscious lashes + Brows that WOW

5. Girls' Night In

Sometimes, the best memories are made in the comfort of your own space. Plan a cozy girls' night in with your closest friends! From movie marathons to heart-to-heart conversations, the simple joy of being together is what makes Galentine's Day truly special.

6. Gourmet & Game Day

Whip up and enjoy a gourmet feast together! Whether it's a fancy multi-course meal or a laid-back pizza-and-wine affair, amp it up with candles, flowers, and music. Then, bring out the board games, cards, or even video games, and dive into laughs and friendly competition!

7. Spread the Love to More Gals

Why not step beyond your usual crew and take a sec to show kindness to other awesome women in your life? Drop a message to a colleague, a neighbor, or someone you look up to, and let them know you value them. Kind gestures create positive ripples—today, let's make waves!



While we should cherish it daily... 
This is our cue to celebrate the incredible women who bring beauty and strength to our journey and make life extraordinary! 🌸👭

This global holiday falls on February 13 but can be embraced any day from February 1 to Valentine's Day..